Broadcast your event to anyone, anywhere!

Spending time planning a fantastic programme for your conference or show but some delegates were unable to make it? Or the venue didn’t have quite enough seats? No problem.

Live cameras can record the speakers, and the live mix (including the all important content and presentations) can be captured and sent direct from the venue.

The live feed will be taking to a satellite truck. It can be broadcast over the venue’s internet however a truck cuts out any worry over the WIFI/Internet strength.

There’s nothing worse than having a live broadcast slow down because of people streaming videos online!

The truck will then send the signal via a dish to the satellite. The satellite then beams the signal down to the content delivery network.

This can be hosted on a custom web page of app which can be watched on any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Live Event Broadcast is simple, effective and more achievable than ever!

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